Get involved!

Click any of the links below to get involved with the Friendly Fruit Tree Project:

Fruit Registration – If you have excess fruit that you might like to share, please let us know!  You can invite volunteers to help you harvest, or you can make your fruit available to be “adopted” by a volunteer who would help arrange a harvest.  You generally can keep a third of what is harvested.  The volunteers may find that your fruit is particularly attractive, and may even offer to return in the winter for extra pruning care. Any information you provide is kept private, and only your location is shared with volunteers who have committed to harvesting your fruit.

Fruit Harvester Group – Would you like to help harvest fruit, meet a neighbor, and take some fruit home with you?  Just get on this email list!

Sign up as a Harvest Leader/fruit adopter – We need people who would like to help lead & coordinate fruit harvests. These people receive a share of the volunteer’s third of the harvest, and they could (if they like) identify a charity of their choice & deliver a third of the fruit for donation. This role is well-suited for those who have an interest in building relationships with fruit and/or the community, or may not be able to do much harvesting. You might just help other harvest leaders, or help the harvest in other ways. No experience necessary, training is provided, sign up here.

Also, if you would like to be kept informed, you can sign up for the email list.  This will include newsletter-style updates, notification of cider pressings, and similar fun stuff. It will generally not involve more than one email per month.

If you have questions, you can email