Friendly Neighborhood Garden Swap

March 11, 2017 @ 12:00 am – 4:00 am
Washington Park Community Center
2025 Washington St

Local garden enthusiasts may be familiar with the Lane County Spring Propagation Fair—a large, volunteer driven, seed and fruit tree cuttings swap. This year the event will be re-imagined as several smaller, neighborhood-based plant exchanges. Friendly Neighborhood will be one of six neighborhoods participating in the new format.

The reason for the shift is quite simple: relationships. For the past seven years, the Lane County Spring Propagation Fair was a large event where quality plant material was successfully distributed to people from all over the Willamette Valley. However, it became increasingly clear that the large scale of the event was unsustainable and increasingly depersonalized. Participants were not connecting to each other and to their place.

We need simple ways to connect with each other now more than ever. Therefore, the intention for Friendly’s Spring Celebration and Propagation Fair is to celebrate and propagate resilient and nourishing relationships between plants, people, and our place here in the ‘hood.

A foundational infrastructure of plant propagation knowledge (videos, workshops, grafters, etc), high quality scion (fruit tree cuttings), and FAN-specific rootstock will be provided by volunteers—now known as the Agrarian Sharing Network. All scions are free, and experienced tree grafters will be on site to build attendees a custom fruit tree for a nominal fee.