What happens to the fruit?

Fruit harvested through the Friendly Fruit Tree Project is split roughly into thirds: one third is taken by volunteers, one third is offered to the homeowner/”steward” (if they like), and the last third is given to those in need.

During the first two seasons of the Friendly Fruit Tree Project, ~980 pounds of fruit has been donated to these groups:



Links to the groups are found below:

The Eugene Mission                Eugene Mission

Opportunity Village Eugene   OVE

Occupy Medical                         OccupyMedical

Community Supported Shelters CSS


Relief Nursery                            ReliefNursery2

WildCraft Cider House             WildCraft

Many fruit donations have also gone to neighbors who are elderly or have small children.  All efforts are made so that fruit is delivered in good condition.  It is up to the Harvest Leader to decide where fruit is donated, although if the fruit owner or steward has a preference, or if other volunteers have a preference, they can make suggestions to the Harvest Leader. Volunteers and fruit stewards are protected from liability by the Oregon Good Samaritan Laws.

The fruit is harvested during the late summer and fall.  Here is when most of the fruit was harvested during the first two years: