The Friendly Fruit Tree Project is an all-volunteer effort to build relationships between fruit-loving Friendly neighbors and fruit tree owners (or stewards) who might have more fruit than they can handle.

IMG_2226During the inaugural 2014 season, FFTP volunteers harvested ~2000 pounds of fruit from the neighborhood, much of it donated and much shared by volunteers. Training workshops were held on cider pressing, and on pruning fruit trees, berries, & vines, which taught neighbors how to best care for FAN fruit resources. Training and tools were purchased for the project using City of Eugene grant funding (thanks Eugene!).

How does it work? When a fruit owner offers to share their fruit with the Friendly Fruit Tree Project, a volunteer Harvest Leader “adopts” the site and organizes and leads a harvest when the fruit is ready to be picked, at a time that works for everyone. Harvested fruit is split roughly into thirds: one third is taken by volunteers, one third is offered to the homeowner/”steward” (if they like), and the last third is given to those in need.  See also, what does the Harvest Leader do? and what happens to the fruit?

Many of the tools purchased and used for the project were donated to the Eugene Toolbox Project in 2015-16. This includes two 10′ aluminum orchard ladders, many long-handled pole pickers, buckets (some bike-mountable), pruners, shovels, and loppers.  Having these tools available through the Toolbox has many benefits to the community. It makes the tools available to more neighbors for greater use (including non-fruit-related projects), it assures the tools are inventoried and properly maintained, and it keeps them from cluttering FFTP volunteer garages!

Do you have fruit to share? Interested in a piece of the harvest? Learning some skills? Meeting a neighbor? Get involved here.

You can contact info@friendlyfruittreeproject.org with further questions.