2015 highlights

During the 2015 harvest season, Friendly Fruit Tree Project volunteers collected 1620 pounds of fruit from the neighborhood, and delivered 533 pounds of fruit to those in need.  Yay!  THANK YOU to all who participated.

Here are some highlights from the FFTP 2015 season:

  • The Eugene Sunday Streets event, where city streets from Common Ground Garden to Friendly Market were car-free for a day. Walkers and bicyclists were encouraged to linger and meet a neighbor at any of the impromptu musical performances, yard sales & street art, and of course thIMG_2236e fIMG_2238reshly pressed cider tastes, courtesy of the FFTP.  It made for a fun Friendly party, and introduced many neighbors to the FFTP.  For those who generously donated, or purchased a fruit tree or vine from the FFTP, thank you!
  • An impressive 90 pound grape harvest was moved with foot- and bicycle-power only, no motor vehicles!








  • Attending the All About Fruit Show in October, in Canby, OR.  The fruit variety for tasting was amazing.  See a previous post here.   You can purchase some of the varieties here.
  • A single abundant persimmon tree yielded 300 pounds this year!  Persimmon trees are among the most delicious & persimmoncarefree fruit trees to grow in Eugene.  An addeddried-persimmons-IMG_9726 bonus (from the FFTP perspective) is the fruit harvesting can be left until Thanksgiving or later, after other trees are harvested.  This particular persimmon variety needed some ripening on a counter (maybe weeks) before it turned pudding-like sweet.  Try them dried too, they are a sweet treat with a unique taste.
  • Highlight #1 from the 2015 harvest season was the relationship-building that happened alongside the FFTP.  For example, relationships between new Harvest Leaders and the stewards of the newly “adopted” frufriendly pickers (1)it trees, relationships with the ToolBox Project as we shared tools, and relationships with the fruit trees and vines themselves, as their growing and fruiting habits were better understood.



Looking forward to the 2016 season!