All About Fruit Show

CaptureThe Home Orchard Society’s All About Fruit Show was on Oct 17&18th and I was finally able to attend this year.  Over 500 varieties of heirloom fruit were available to see and taste, including apples and pears, as well as grapes, kiwi-berries, sea berries, paw paws, quince.  There was fresh-pressed cider, fruit identification, tool sharpening, and plants for sale.  The large fruit contest winners were HUGE!  But the highlight was the spread of fruit to taste.  Some favorites included a Suntan apple, IMG_2403an Egremont Russet apple, a Taylor’s Gold pear, and a kiwi-berry called Orus 1-2.  I tasted Ashmead’s Kernal, which is available locally at Sundance, which is a wonderful apple.  Some of the apple varieties that the Friendly Fruit IMG_2400Tree Project grafted at last year’s Spring Propagation Fair were available to taste too,
including Rhode Island Greening, Roxbury Russet, Ben Davis, and York Imperial.

Want to plant a rare & delicious apple tree? FFTP is offering neighbors potted trees, and we’ll help plant them, by donation.  Contact